Thursday, 8 September 2011

A favour to ask!

I have a favour to ask of any readers of the this blog. My colleague Mikaela has entered a competition to have a photographer at her wedding completely for free. The competition is on the Love my Dress blog and she is one of six finalists that need your vote to win. Have a read of her sweet and amusing entry given with her fiance Andrew about how he proposed, you'd be hard pushed to find a more romantic proposal.

Andrew: Mikaela and I first met on the slopes of the Andes Mountains, in the foothills of the lost city of Machu Picchu, whilst I was searching for lost Peruvian treasure a la Lara Croft..
 Mikaela: No Andrew, I've told's got to be honest and from the heart...!
 Andrew: Boring!
 Mikaela: Try again, like this:  Rewind to Christmas 2009 and I open a present from Andrew, a small wooden box containing 53 small, purple envelopes each with a number in the top corner. Inside Number 1, an instruction to open a new card each and every Friday for the next year (Christmas that year was a Friday).  As I embarked on this exciting quest I found that each card had a different reason why Andrew loved me inside, with every Friday morning swift becoming the highlight of my week!
To cut a 52 week story short, Christmas 2010 began with a bang as I opened my final card in Andrew's presence on Christmas Eve only to find a marriage proposal delicately scribed inside.  I, of course, said yes and we have now set our date and venue for June 7th, 2012.
 Andrew: You are so soppy, no one wants to know that! Other guys will steal it now!
Mikaela: During the course of that year we had losses in the family, bought a house and pursued our careers, but never once forgot that we love each other and we are...
Mikaela: Quiet now Andrew, it's my turn. I was going to add, before I was so rudely interrupted by my darling hubby-to-be, that we are now counting down the days until we wed.  We are happy to have booked the perfect venue that best fits with and reflects us, celebrating alongside close friends and family, but now seek a photographer to capture the essence of our day, we love the natural style of Mr Dunn, and feel that the small, intimate moments of laughter and of joy and of love will be captured best through his style of photography for us to enjoy when we are...
Andrew:  .....old and can't remember ourselves?
Mikaela: ...well, yes. These photographs will be the window back through time in which we can both relive and experience once again what we hope to be the most perfect day. The monumental task of gathering all our loved ones in one place is getting harder every year - Adam's photography will capture this celebration of our love for all time...
Andrew: ...for all of mankind to revel in!!
Mikaela: Certainly for the Humphris and Wilson families, Andrew :)
Andrew: Let's wrap this up now sugarlumps. I think MIkaela, as perfect as she ever is, has conveyed the reasons for our entering this competition with pin point accuracy, and if not hopefully my proposal has won you over, as it did her :)"
So please go to the page and make a comment voting for these two lovely people.

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