Friday, 30 March 2012

11am sales on

If you are fan, like me, of designer furniture but not of the often ridiculous price tags, then check out There prices are usually very reasonable but over the next 2 weeks they are holding 11am sales with different products reduced everyday. 

I posted a few weeks ago about there Fonteyn Desk and I am crossing my fingers and toes that it appears in the sale, but knowing my luck it won't. Why is it the things you really like never get reduced in the sales?

My favourites so far are the Bergman Cabinet and the Bergman Coffee Table both in Chalk White.

All Images from

Monday, 26 March 2012

Latest Ikea Purchase

If you read this blog on a regular basis you will know that one of my mild obsessions is mirrors. So when I saw this beauty called Husnes in our recent trip to Ikea, I just had to have it. It will go perfectly on the landing alcove above the eBay bought toy box/chest. I have been struggling to find a full length mirror and this one with its bevelled edge and curvy features fits the bill!

Image from Ikea

Friday, 23 March 2012

My First Guest Blog

Hi all! It's Mari from Design Shuffle a terrific social networking site for interior designers, professionals and design enthusiasts, to upload their work and receive lots of exposure. As a writer for Design Shuffle, I get to visit great interior design and decorating blogs like Mrs. Peabod to share some of my favorite spaces.

In today's guest post we focus on happy chic, the style brought to life by designer Jonathan Adler. Two quotes from the Jonathan Adler Manifesto (you'll find it on his website) seem to sum up happy chic. On color, "We believe colors can't clash." and this confident point of view, "We believe our designs are award winning even though they've never actually won any." Apply those two happy chic principles to your rooms and you can't go wrong. Enjoy!

No worries about color clashes here in one Jonathan Adler designed living room - just two pops of pink, one turquoise pillow, a small dash of yellow artwork and a little zebra on the side.

Here, happy chic is a perfect mix of furniture styles and color atop a black and white chevron rug in this bright dining room.

This living room makes us smile, so happy and so chic. It received supremely honorable mention in the Happy Chic Homes Contest.

What could say happy chic better than orange in a bathroom. This one is perfect, all white tile background and modern vibe.

Meet my absolute favorite happy chic room. Dressed in pure white, all this living space needs a few touches of turquoise and black and white pattern. And, of course, tall ceramic dogs to flank the fireplace.

Another honorable mention from the Happy Chic Home Contest, this room is created around an inherited mid-century modern chair.

Now for the first prize winner of the happy chic contest - filled with vibrant green and the homeowner's personality. You'll notice it also seems to have this feline's wholehearted approval. Your living room ideas can be inspired by nearly anything!

We leave you with a view of the outdoor living space designed by Jonathan Adler for his Barbie Malibu Dream House. Now that's one gorgeous backyard filled with happy chic decorating ideas!

Chic is what you make of it. Design Shuffle is filled with fantastic chic inspiration by the best interior designers and many others!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

DIY Cut PAper Candle Holders

I was browsing one of my fave blogs How about Orange by Jessica Jones and she has posted this great project for creating your own cut paper candle holders. All you need is some sheets of printer paper trimmed to fit some glass containers, cut lots of u shapes into the paper and fold the flaps outwards, then use double sided tape to fasten around the containers.

Images from How about Oange
You could experiment with different shapes to create really interesting patterns. If you have a silhouette machine you could easily download a lace or doilies pattern and use the machine to cut out the delicate features. And hey presto, lovely votives for a summers evening table.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nursery Decor

Tom and I are currently decorating what will be the nursery. Now for moment we are going to leave it as a blank canvas (we decided to find out the sex when baby arrives). So I have been searching for fun decor ideas for both boys and girls.

I came across a fantastic website Peanut & Pip while searching for wall stickers. Here's a small selection of the wonderful designs they sell.

Animal Alphabet Wall Stickers

Forest Friends Wall Sticker

Miniz Boo Wall Sticker

I particularly like this bunting and owl design if it's a girl, it would go perfectly with the Harlequin 'What a Hoot' Fabric for the curtains.

Owly Wall Stickers
Images courtesy of Peanut & Pip

Images from Harlequin

Monday, 12 March 2012

New Products at Papermash

One of my favourite online retailers of all things pretty Papermash sent me a newsletter today about their new products. So I thought I would share my favourites with you.

These Honeycomb Tissue Balls available in Lavender, Aqua, Cerise and Light Pink would make fab party decorations, or even just hung above a cot!

These floral doilies are also very pretty.

There is also this very simple and stylish Boxed stamp set which includes 'to from' stamp, red ink pad and blue pencil to give that fifties airmail feel to all your parcels. Feels very Pam Am.

And to top the current trend for all things pastel and floral here are 8 beautifully boxed botanical card coasters. 2 each of 4 designs.

All Images from Papermash

Personally I am very tempted by all of the above, how about you, which is your favourite?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis 'what Katie does' created by Katie a north London web designer,  has just announced a very exciting venture. She has been working as design director to a brand new site which promotes new designers and beautifully designed products for the home. It opens in April but if you follow this link you can become one of ten thousand founding members and receive a £10 credit to your account for future purchases. So get yourselves signed up because some of the products look fantastic.

All Images from whatkatiedoes

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Make a little bird house in your soul!

Don't worry I haven't gone crazy and started spouting early nineties song titles. As it's nearly the start of spring, well I thought it was until it started to get cold again, I thought I would do a post about bird houses.

When I sit at the computer in the the dining room I can here an array of lovely birdsong and thought it about time that I bought a home for one of our feathered friends to use. Also as my maternal instinct kicks in (3 months left until baba is here) I'd rather the chicks had somewhere nice to sleep.

1. First up is this pretty example from Cox & Cox. Although it's only for internal use I felt it warranted a mention just on it's design alone.

2. I realise this Duck egg blue bird table from Cox and Cox isn't actually a house but it would look wonderful in any garden and it still allows them some perching space and somewhere for you to leave food.

3. This handmade Caravan birdhouse from Linleywood is so kitsch it's adorable.

4. This Sylvester Bird Box from Suck UK just made me chuckle when I saw it in the recent issue of Living Etc. Such a clever idea!

5. For those of you who love the old Romany gypsy patterns, this tin Eva bird House from Nkuku on Notonthehighstreet is perfect. 

6. For the more modern of you readers this Canopy Series in Birch by StudioLicious on Etsy is very simple and understated. The Branch perch is a nice touch too.

7. Last but not least if you are not wanting something permanent or even fancy a project for the kids then this cardboard birdhouse by garden boutique on notonthehighstreet is great. You could decorate it exactly how you want and don't have to worry about adding to landfill once you're done with it.

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