Monday, 16 May 2011

Sofas, Sofas, Everywhere!

Hello, apologies for not posting on Friday, there seemed to be a problem with blogger so I couldn't access anything, but here is what I was going to post about.

Tom and I are in the process of buying our first house, we've been married for 3 years and been together for 11 and only just been able to get on the property ladder. Anyway, we have started looking at sofas. We've never had to buy a sofa as we have always had them supplied while renting or inherited old ones from family, so now we have the opportunity to choose it's proving quite difficult.

The main problem we have is that Tom is 6ft 5 so all the styles I love, i.e. contemporary low back mid-century types are absolutely useful for him. So I have trawled the Internet to try and find styles that I like and below are my top ten hopfully Tom will find a few of them comfortable!

1. This is my all time favourite design, Julep by Designers Guild has the most wonderful vintage feel but with the choice of all those fabulous guild fabrics. Definitely out of our price range though, you know something is too expensive when they don't advertise the price online!

(Image from Designers Guild)

2. The Barbican sofa by John Lewis has again got that mid-century feel, the colour might be a bit dark but it comes in a wide range to fit all tastes.
(Image from John Lewis)

3.  John Lewis also stock this lovely style called Milo available in a mulberry toned linen mix fabric. I particularly like the padded arms and button back cushions. It looks comfy as well as smart!

(Image from John Lewis)

4. John Lewis is looking like it could be the first port of call for us. The Parlour design combines a slightly higher back with the simple curves that I like. Not sure about Green but that can be changed. 
(Image from John Lewis)

5. Multiyork is not somewhere I would usually try for contemporary designs but their Long Island Sofa is very chic looking. It even has the option of making it into a corner unit. We both like the idea of a chaise at the end of the sofa.
(Image from Multiyork)

6. Buttons by Sofa Workshop has a got a lovely button back that you can choose in a contrasting fabric. The only issue is it's tight covered so keeping it clean would be an issue. love the simplicity though!

(Image from Sofa Workshop)

7. The Fancy Nancy from Sofa Workshop is also a beautiful design but comfort and height might be a real issue with this sofa.

(Image from Sofa Workshop)

8. Along with the Julep, Miss Behaving by Sofa Workshop is the most beautiful sofa I have ever seen, the smooth curves, tapered legs and hot pink colour make me want to stroke it, sorry that sounded quite weird! It would also be high enough at the back, but this small sofa is the biggest one they do.

(Image from Sofa Workshop)

9. Sofa Workshop is also looking like a good option for choice. Their Mr Sitter design has a lovely deep seat and looks very cosy, good for snuggling on a cold evening.

(Image from Sofa Workshop)

10. I realise Velvet is not the most practical fabric but the Iggy sofa from looks gorgeous in this Sloe coloured pure cotton velvet. It has a slightly higher back than most but the hubby would have to test it out to make sure. 

(Image from

So as you can see we have a lot of testing out to do, I'll post at some point to let you all know what we decided on. I hope if you are in the process of sofa hunting this has given you a few ideas. 

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