Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Homemade Elderflower Cordial

This time last year I was making homemade Elderflower Cordial. We are currently renting and at the end of our courtyard garden is a wonderfully huge Elderflower tree that hangs over from next door. I'd just like to point out that I had already been living there for 2 years when my mum pointed out it was an Elderflower tree, I'm not much of a gardening enthusiast. So I decided to get cracking and make a batch of wonderful cordial and bottle it to give to friends and family. Needless to say they loved it!

(Image from BBC Good Food)

It's that time of year again, but you'll have to be quick. It's been so unusually warm that the flowers have come out early and don't last long. The BBC Good Food website has a great recipe. Although when I made it last year it was very sweet so for an alternative I might give the one on the jamjarshop a try, it has a lot less sugar in it:

You'll need:-

900g/2lbs granulated sugar
50g/2oz citric acid
2 lemons, sliced
and about 25 large elderflower heads

Put the sugar into a large mixing bowl and pour over 3 litres boiling water. Stir to dissolve the sugar
and then leave to cool.ASdd the citric acid which acts a a preservative, along with the lemons. Shake the flower
heads gently to get rid of any bugs and rinse carefully. Add to the contents of the bowl, stirring to combine.
Cover with a clean tea towel and leave for 24 hours to infuse. Stir from time to time. 

Pour through a muslin-lined sieve into a jug then decant into sterilised glass bottles and seal. 

Cordial can be diluted to taste with iced sparkling mineral water or soda water.

Please note that it is better to keep the cordial in the fridge, even before opening, and for no longer than 6 months

If you are wondering where to get Citric acid, I searched high and low and eventually found it in Wilkinson's, so I'm hoping they still sell it. Don't be surprised if they ask you what you are using it for, apart from being used in making home brew, a lot of places have had to stop selling it as it's apparently used by drug addicts.

I made half the amount suggested on the GoodFood recipe and had loads to give away. I bought loads of Swing Top Glass bottles from my local kitchen shop. You can also get them online at the jamjarshop.

(Image from jamjarshop)

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