Thursday, 27 January 2011

Vintage Storage

I was flicking through a Pedlars catalogue last night and it got me thinking about Vintage Storage. I love the idea of having some long slim drawer units with industrial handles, the kind you would find in an old museum or library. Pedlars happen to have a vintage selection on their website which includes these two fantastic industrial drawer units. They would both look great in a hallway, and just think of all the extra space to hide things away!

(Images from Pedlars)

They also have these old American Vintage Shoe Factory Template Storage Boxes, which could make great In trays or even just somewhere to put your post.
(Image from Pedlars)

The Old Cinema, a vintage/retro antiques shop based on Chiswick High Road in London, also has a selection of drawer units. The one below was an old Haberdasher Cabinet, I've previously seen these used in homes as an alternative to a chest of drawers or even as shoe storage. The advantage of using it for shoes would be you can double it up as a display cabinet, making a piece of art out of the everyday!
(Image from The Old Cinema)

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