Wednesday, 26 January 2011

John Lewis Seed Head Fabric

My mum is a bit of an ebay fanatic, but her habit does occasionally have its uses. She recently gave me a couple of metres of this wonderful Lucien Day inspired John Lewis Seed Head upholstery fabric, that she had managed to get very cheap. I have an old leather Chesterfield sofa that has two fabric seat cushions, currently covered in a hideous fabric from my student days, what was I thinking! However, this fabric would look perfect on the cushions. The image below shows the fabric made up into a cushion, maybe if I have any left over I could do some of those too!

(Image from Etsy)

Unfortunately this colourway is no longer available from John Lewis but they are doing it in 'Steel' and 'Putty' as seen below respectively.

(Images from John Lewis)

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