Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Seletti Gold Ice-cream Bowl and Spoon

I have been a lover of Seletti kitchenware for a while now. I have collected the ceramic tin can storage pots, the takeaway inspired serving dishes and the quirky milk jug. Recently I was flicking through the Pedlars Christmas catalogue and noticed a new addition to the range, this lovely Ice-Cream bowl and spoon. I had noticed this on the same episode of Nigella Kitchen that I had noticed the Rockett St George candle holders, mentioned in my previous post.

Nigella had used it to hold her delicious cream that accompanies her Venetian Carrot Cake, it looked great on the edge of a large serving dish. I think the thing I enjoy the most about the Seletti products is that they are a talking point when people see them on your table, I haven't found a person yet who hasn't loved them!
(Images from Pedlars and BBC iPlayer)

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