Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Butterfly Prints

I have found yet another possibility for my thirtieth birthday present, this list is constantly growing. It's not that I'm greedy, well maybe just a little bit, but I'm very indecisive and always changing my mind. Rockett St George stock these lovely Butterfly prints, I particularly like the Papilio ulysses telegonus, it comes unframed measuring 70x100cm so can easily be put into an off the shelf frame. It is really very striking with a black frame and white walls.

They also stock this collection of 6 A4 sized Butterfly prints, which look lovely hung up together in black frames. I am a huge fan of anything involving butterflies, so would love them on a feature wall, they look particularly good on a grey wall as in the image below.

(Images from Rockett St George)

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