Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Stars

Whilst looking at a few blogs yesterday I came across these Christmas stars on homeshoppingspy. They are sold by Cox & Cox, one of my favourite online retailers, and they come in packs of 3 for £10. My mum always told me to only ever buy decorations in odd numbers as they always seem to look better when hung up, and after a couple of years of following this advise, she's right they do look better. These stars really fit in nicely if you're going for a Scandinavian Christmas theme.
Cox & Cox also sell these Snowflake Stickers. I've fancied doing something similar this year so I've cut out my own snowflakes out of plain old white copier paper from templates found at These will be stuck to the window with sticky back clear vinyl that you can buy in most craft shops or stationers. They'll be up by the end of the weekend hopefully so I'll post a pic when they're done.
(Images from Cox & Cox)

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