Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Make a little bird house in your soul!

Don't worry I haven't gone crazy and started spouting early nineties song titles. As it's nearly the start of spring, well I thought it was until it started to get cold again, I thought I would do a post about bird houses.

When I sit at the computer in the the dining room I can here an array of lovely birdsong and thought it about time that I bought a home for one of our feathered friends to use. Also as my maternal instinct kicks in (3 months left until baba is here) I'd rather the chicks had somewhere nice to sleep.

1. First up is this pretty example from Cox & Cox. Although it's only for internal use I felt it warranted a mention just on it's design alone.

2. I realise this Duck egg blue bird table from Cox and Cox isn't actually a house but it would look wonderful in any garden and it still allows them some perching space and somewhere for you to leave food.

3. This handmade Caravan birdhouse from Linleywood is so kitsch it's adorable.

4. This Sylvester Bird Box from Suck UK just made me chuckle when I saw it in the recent issue of Living Etc. Such a clever idea!

5. For those of you who love the old Romany gypsy patterns, this tin Eva bird House from Nkuku on Notonthehighstreet is perfect. 

6. For the more modern of you readers this Canopy Series in Birch by StudioLicious on Etsy is very simple and understated. The Branch perch is a nice touch too.

7. Last but not least if you are not wanting something permanent or even fancy a project for the kids then this cardboard birdhouse by garden boutique on notonthehighstreet is great. You could decorate it exactly how you want and don't have to worry about adding to landfill once you're done with it.

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