Monday, 27 February 2012

Dining Room

I am in the process of deciding how to decorate our dining room. It is a really lovely sunny south facing room so I want to keep it clean and minimal but with the odd splash of colour.  It also has to incorporate a desk for the Mac and the already existing built-in bookcase/dresser.

Below are a few elements I have already got plus some extras that i think will work really well in the space, let me know what you think?

1. This is the Ercol Windsor dining table we already have so the whole look has pretty much been built around it.

2. Sigurd Bench from Ikea - one of these either side of the dining table would allow for a nice informal dining look.
3. I already have an Eames DSW chair in white so thought if I got a pair I could put them at the ends of the table. The beech legs match the Ercol table nicely.

4. I bought my husband the Newgate Brixton wall clock for his birthday, which would look great above the boxed in old fireplace. I like the monochrome with a splash of colour and it's utility look.

5. The Fonteyn desk made from oak and walnut has got to be the most beautiful thing in the world. I can just imagine my mac sitting proudly on top of it in the left hand alcove. Maybe with a couple of floating shelves above it.

6. And finally on top of the desk would be the Penelope Task Lamp from John Lewis in Slate or Quince, either are lovely and go with the overall Mid-century look.

and just look how well it co-ordinates with the Penelope ceiling light below which could become the main light above the dining table. love it!

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