Monday, 14 November 2011

A weekend of decorating

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was spent decorating the living room, we have discovered that this decorating lark takes a hell of a long time, emphasised by the fact it has taken us about a month to finish one room. Well it's not exactly finished yet but it's almost there. We had a bit of a mishap with paint but that will be rectified this week, and then we just have to finish the skirting and add the wax to floor and we are done. We can then get the furniture in and start enjoying at least one of the rooms of the house. I will post a pic of the finished article soon.

We now have an unused fireplace, it's been blocked up, but we wanted to make a decorative feature of it so we thought we could tile the hearth. We trawled around a few tile places at the weekend and found a few options. One being these Snow Drift Mosaic tiles that come in sheets. They are quite simple but I love the brick pattern. We could go for a dark grout as a contrast or just white to match. What do you think?

Image from Wallsandfloors

We did think about Metro tiles like these but apparently they are not suitable for the floor and might crack so that rules them out. I'd quite them for the kitchen though, someday!

Image from Wallsandfloors

We also considered these National Trust Painters Grey Circle Decor tile but at nearly £10 a piece it was going to end up cost us well into three figures to cover just a hearth which seemed a bit extreme. However they are beautiful.

Images from Fired Earth

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