Monday, 7 November 2011

Holkham Linseed Paints

I wanted to apologies for not posting much recently, but the house has taken priority.

Well after a long stint redecorating the living room we are finally at a stage of deciding what finish to put on our newly sanded pine floorboards. They look beautiful just as they are but we have found that any type of finish we put on them makes them turn orange. I realise this is because it's pine, but I really can't live with orange floorboards. So as a final option we have ordered some samples of Holkham Linseed Oil Wax from Paint & Paper in clear and grey to see the effects it will have. It is used as a surface protector on unpainted, varnished or painted wooden surfaces, it can apparently be easily applied with a sponge or cloth so sounds perfect but we'll have to wait and see. I'll post the results hopefully this weekend. Love the light limewash effect of the grey.

Images from Holkham Linseed Paints

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