Thursday, 25 August 2011


I was reading Jessica's How about Orange blog this morning and saw her most recent post about Inkodye, a light-sensitive dye for textiles, wood and leather. They had sent her a sample of this brilliant and she decided to test it out. It's a bit like Batik but much easier and less messy (I seem to remember getting wax everywhere when I did it at school)

You simply brush it on evenly with a foam brush onto your fabric of choice (has to be a natural fibre). You then place items/shapes of your choice on top of the fabric and lay it in the sun for 5-6 minutes. The colour will deepen and where you have placed the shapes will remain bleached out. Immediately after removing the shapes from the fabric, to avoid the dye under the shapes from developing, rinse the fabric in the sink and wash with fabric detergent.

Below are a few images of her test, for more examples of how Inkodye can be used check out the website here.

All images from How about Orange

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