Friday, 17 June 2011

The Little Green Paint Company

I was reading a copy of Ideal Home magazine recently and came across this beautiful image of a cottage door painted in Celestial Blue oil eggshell by the The Little Green Paint Company, and in case your interested the bench is painted using French Grey. The colour is part of their period collaboration with English Heritage, where over 50 colours have been recreated from historic properties from the Georgian period all the way through to the 1950's.

Maybe I just love the image because of the styling, with the wonderful Hydrangeas and rusty old bike, but It's pretty much how I would want the front of my house to look. Well at least I could get half way there with the door colour.

Door painted in Celestial Blue, Bench in French Grey
This living room is decorated in various shades of French Grey which creates a warm homely hue.
The wall, panelling and fireplace are all painted in shades of French Grey
This kitchen painted using Polar Blue a classic fifties colour, looks great alongside shades of white and Lime Yellow.
Kitchen units painted in Polar Blue

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