Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Best Birds

As well as having a thing for all things butterfly related I am also loving bird related interior themes. So I thought I would post about my choice of the best in interior birds.

1. Owls of the British Isles Wallpaper, £68 per roll, Abigail Edwards.

Images from Abigail Edwards
2. Penguin Wallpaper from Bodie and Fou.

Images from Bodie and Fou
3.  I love this Birdcage Wall Sticker from Mode Twenty One.

Image from Mode Twenty One
4. The Clacket Lane Grey Wallpaper from Mibo is also wonderful.

5. These glass owls from Iittala are fantastic and definitely future design pieces.

Images from iittala
6. Last but certainly not least, continuing with the Owl theme this White ceramic Candle holder from Rose and Grey is really sweet.

Image from Rose and Grey

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