Monday, 28 February 2011


I recently got an email from a Clare a reader and asking if I knew anything about a mid-century furniture manufacturer called Benchairs Stoe, she had recently bought a lovely chair on ebay, take a look at it on her blog Devon Red Bags. To be honest I hadn't heard of them until this point but tried to find out a little bit more information for her. There are two options, they could be based in Shropshire I found an address based in Whitchurch, but no website, or they were based in Yugoslavia. So if anybody reading knows any more info please get in touch, because frankly I am now intrigued! Below are a few more examples of these lovely chairs I found on ebay. I think I might even have to keep an eye out for them on ebay. Thanks to Clare for pointing them out.

(Image from Devon Red Bags)

(Images from ebay)


  1. I think this company was based in North London (Walthamstow) during the War. My great Uncle worked there.

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